Lakeview Lutheran Church is a warm and caring community of God’s servants ministering through worship, learning and sharing. We are people of God in Christ and empowered by the Spirit to bear witness to God’s creative, redeeming and sanctifying activity in the world. For 150 years Lakeview Lutheran Church has been committed to a faithful proclamation of the gospel through word and sacrament and through a passionate network of social and outreach ministries in Madison and beyond.


Love Is a Verb

Mark your calendars to attend the special screening of the award winning documentary movie entitled, “Love is a Verb.” This 50-minute film will be shown by our Muslim friends at the Niagara Foundation in our sanctuary on Wednesday, October 7 at 6:30 pm. This film examines the Gülen-inspired Hizmet Movement, the Turkish word for “service.” The film introduces Mr. Gulen’s inclusive philosophy and the dedication of Hizmet volunteers in countries such as Turkey, Bosnia, Iraq and Somalia as they work to build a more cohesive society.
From http://www.loveisaverbmovie.com—Through a co-operation with the people inspired by Gulen, we had an unprecedented access to the ideas and actions of the movement around the world. We met teachers who crawled through a tunnel to open a school in Sarajevo during the war and the students whose lives they changed. We met a Sufi conductor whose orchestra is composed of children whose parents were once at war. We got a glimpse of the interfaith work the movement provides in Turkey, including a visit to Rumi’s exquisite shrine. We went to their schools in Turkey, in Somalia, in Iraq. We meet a Kurdish teacher in Iraq who credits everything she is to her former Turkish teachers who stayed during the bombings, and a Kurdish woman who had also gone to one of the Turkish schools in Iraq and is now working as an engineer to bring water to the desert. Finally, in Somalia, we follow two Turkish doctors putting their lives at risk in a place where other relief organizations have deemed too dangerous, a place where they sleep under armed guard.
This event would be a perfect opportunity to invite friends, neighbors and other folks of faith to come and experience a movie that reflects the social justice of the Muslim world and desired by those of us who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Interested in Membership?

It is not difficult to become a member at Lakeview. If you wish to join this congregation, you should call Pastor Dean in the church office to set up a meeting with him. The meeting is about one hour in length. He will review who we are as a congregation and what our ministry is about. He will talk about how our ministry is supported through the annual budget and about how each of us is called to support that budget with our dollars and our time and talents. Each family member joining will have an information sheet to complete (parents on behalf of children) and when that completed information is received by Laura, she will input it into the membership computer program and you will be an active member of Lakeview Lutheran Church. It all starts with a phone call.

FREE Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner

Free homemade Thanksgiving Dinner will be served to the community at noon at Lakeview Lutheran on Thanksgiving Day.

Lakeview Food Pantry

The Lakeview Food Pantry is open every Monday evening from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm on the east end of the lower level of our building.  It is a walk-in pantry – please bring an ID and proof of address.

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Lakeview volunteers are making the south entryway look more inviting. Emilie Scheerenberger and Gayle Langer donated the planters and Gayle did the fall plantings. We're hoping this will become a seasonal project for other "green thumb" volunteers. Thanks to Gayle and Emilie for getting this project started! ...

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Lakeview seniors checking out the options at the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee. ...

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